Charleston Commencement AV Rentals season has returned

Posted on June 8, 2015

commencement AV rentals Charleston SC

It’s that time of year again and Charleston commencement AV Rentals season has returned at AV Connections.

Things get busy with indoor and outdoor events in April and May in Charleston – they are perfect months for weather in our fair city, many events are planned for this time period. This lovely season for visitors also coincides with the graduation and commencements of seven regional schools, among them the Charleston School of Law. AV Connections was pleased to be on hand to provide Charleston commencement AV rentals for this wonderful, if a little misty-eyed, event.

We have been blessed to work with Charleston Law School on various events since it’s founding ten years ago, it is South Carolina’s second law school, the only one in our Low Country. Centrally located among the historic buildings of old Charleston, both it’s reputation and beautiful location make it a desirable school in which to spend three years in the study of law.

We are proud of you, Charleston Law School Class of 2015. We know you’ll go on to do great things in the field of law as well as many others.This graduate degree is both an achievement and a whole new field of opportunities for your dedicated group. We look forward to following your careers, and broadcasting your achievements over and over as the years go by.

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Outdoor AV presentation rentals Charleston for Bennett Hotel Groundbreaking

Posted on June 5, 2015

outdoor av presentation rentals charleston outdoor av presentation rentals charleston

We had incredible weather for this exciting outdoor AV presentation rentals Charleston event. Charleston is growing so quickly, it seems we get to witness several exciting events a week at this point. We’re always pleased to be the outdoor AV presentation rentals Charleston provider to broadcast the voices of improvement in our city.

One of the great business forces pushing Charleston forward with an inexhaustable belief in what the city can achieve is certainly the Bennett Group, owners of Holy City Hospitality. With several wonderful restaurants and a hotel already in operation in Charleston, a jewel is about to be added to the crown: The Bennett Hotel. The hotel will be constructed on the former old library site on Marion Square in central-peninsular Charleston. It will be within walking distance to literally everything one might want to do while visiting the city.

Considering what a boon this new hotel location will be for tourism, jobs, and the economy in general in town, we were thrilled to be the outdoor AV presentation rentals Charleston provider selected to help with the groundbreaking ceremony on Marion Square. We wanted to share with you the small construct of the future hotel, we think it is just beautiful and fits in to our historic Holy City perfectly. It is always lovely to see the traditional Charleston architecture get a nod in our new buildings, and the Bennett Hotel combines all of what keeps Charleston beautiful with a central location to keep visitors happy.

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Conference rentals Charleston SC by AV Connections: A look into the booth

Posted on May 28, 2015

Conference rentals Charleston sc Conference rentals Charleston sc by AV Connections Conference rentals Charleston sc by AV Connections




Once you’ve taken your seat at a conference or meeting, the projection just needs to work and the message, educational or sales related, just needs to be delivered – AV Connections conference rentals Charleston SC makes the screen and sound magic happen. Today, we’re taking you inside the AV booths at some of our recent Charleston conferences and events. There is a great deal going on behind the scenes of any full scale conference presentation. For that reason, most of our conference events are “teched” or manned by members of our Conference Technology team.

After you see the amount of technology which must be managed to keep two or three projection screens broadcasting and the lighting up and changing on ques, you’ll have new respect for those mysterious team members whose job it is to propel the presentations forward from a perch behind the goings on.

It is not uncommon that AV Connections technicians be required to watch five screens and man sound boards at once. There will likely also be a video camera in the booth with them to be managed. It is something of an orchestra to see it in motion, for it to be a seamless presentation, all the elements need to work together well. AV Connections is committed to planning and training. Members of our Charleston event technology rentals group are the finest in the industry with more than fifty years combined experience. As technology moves forward, AV Connections’ training must as well. We don’t believe in surprises, we’ll go the extra ten miles to be sure every imaginable piece of equipment is there and has a back-up. We will always have a contingency plan. If we don’t see the set up we’ll need, we’ll built it. That is how AV Connections became Charleston, SC’s most trusted conference rental supplier.

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Lighting and Audiovisual at the Memminger, Galliard for Winter Antiques

Posted on May 15, 2015

lighting audiovisual galliard memminger auditorium

For the third year, AV Connections of Charleston has provided lighting and audiovisual at the Memminger, Galliard auditorium for the annual Charleston Winter Antiques Show. This incredible event, which brings together the finest collectors and dealers in the world – and is a fine competitor for the equally famous New York Winter Antiques Show – is, we think the best choice of the two. In Charleston, you won’t be slipping on ice getting to and from the venues. And Charleston boasts the acclaim of being the number one city in the world for visitor travel for the fifth year in a row, according to Conde Nast.

The Charleston Antiques Show has been held at the Memminger Auditorium for the past three consecutive years. AV Connections has been pleased to be the provider of event lighting and audiovisual at the Memminger, Galliard for several years for this Historic Charleston Foundation show. When the historic Galliard Auditorium’s $120 million dollar and three year long renovation began, the Antiques Show was moved south on Charleston’s peninsula to the Memminger Auditorium. It is anticipated that once the Galliard reopens in October, 2015, the Antiques Show will return to its original venue.

AV Connections provides lighting and audiovisual at the Memminger, Galliard for all manner of events. We are pleased to be event lighting, AV, and draping vendor to such incredible Charleston events as the American Heart Association Heart Gala, the annual Chase After A Cure Gala and dozens more inside this newly renovated facility. If you are planning a conference or event in Charleston, we are pleased to walk through the Memminger or Galliard Auditoriums with you and begin planning the lighting and AV rentals for your Charleston event.

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Charleston SC AV rentals should be warehoused in Charleston, SC (and other obvious truths)

Posted on May 7, 2015

Charleston SC AV

We’re very proud of our Charleston SC AV inventory and event technology technicians at AV Connections. We’re proud to say we operate the most most seamless and flawless conference AV rental scenarios throughout the Carolinas. We’re also rpoud to say we have been in business successfully for more than thirty years and that we are a family-operated local Charleston AV company. Our experience and dedication has paid off over the years, we enjoy Charleston SC AV conference and event clients who came to us years ago and have been with us since. AV Connections of Charleston prides itself on being there whenever our clients needs us with 24 AV rental support and a physical warehouse actually located in Charleston, SC. Not in North Charleston, and not in Charlotte. When you order Charleston SC AV rentals, you are able to view them in our warehouse and we are close by to service your event when you need us.

We have a full complement of experienced technicians working full time in our Charleston office. Bright, hard-working managers who are always ready for a challenge, and a presentable and experienced team of technicians ever-ready to set up, tear down, or problem solve. Rent from us and you are never alone, we’re going to get you through you even and make it perfect and effective.

Being a local, family Charleston business is important. The team members of AV Connections work in this community and realize their obligation to making Charleston the most hospitable city in the United States. That didn’t happen by accident either.

We encourage you to ask questions of your Charleston SC AV rental company. Is their business actually located in Charleston, SC? Are they servicing Charleston from far away and they won’t be available or close when you need a technician? Did you Google their address and is it an actual business location or a post office box? The answers to these questions are all things to be aware of, and should be red flags if you are renting Charleston SC AV.

Choose local. Choose family. Choose experience. And choose smart. AV Connections of Charleston, SC will not fail you in providing commitment and excellence – our track record is well known and respected.

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Competitive hotel AV rentals Charleston SC from AV Connections

Posted on May 2, 2015

Hotel AV rentals Charleston SC

In our research into creating the most competitive hotel AV rentals Charleston SC, we discovered a website which promised to rent you AV equipment in Charleston, SC, but they are a company located in the Mid-West and their office address in the Carolina’s is located in a UPS store. A UPS store seems a bit small to store AV rental equipment. And worse, that office is in Charlotte, NC four hours from Charleston, SC. Seems like a formula for Charleston convention AV rental disaster.

AV Connections is located – with offices and warehouses –  in both Charleston, SC and Winston-Salem, NC. We service North Carolina and South Carolina AV rentals from our actual brick and mortar business locations. You can come and visit us! We love visitors. If you drive to our location at 1012c St. Andrews Blvd, Charleston, SC 29407, Natalie will be glad to see you. And you can see the inventory in person. You don’t have to visit our post office box, we don’t even have one. We get mail at the front door. These days, that’s an important quality when you book anything over the internet.

Moreover, we’ve been in business in the Carolinas for over thirty years, with glowing reviews from clients and job sites all over the world (we travel with our customers – they trust us and they know they get the fairest prices from AV Connections). We absolutely invite you to check our references, read our reviews, and ask our clients what they think of our work.

And most importantly, our branches are all run by family members trained in the business by our founder, Brad Luckhart. There is no one hired or bringing equipment to your conference or event who was not interviewed by Brad or trained by one of the Luckhart family members, in any of our offices. The family which began AV Connections in the Carolinas still runs and administrates every aspect of our AV rental and lighting rental businesses. We are the finest hotel AV rentals Charleston SC because we pain-stakingly maintain and renew AV rental equipment and because we are a team trained only in a culture of excellence. We tolerate no divergence from our customer service commitment. We are real, we are family owned and operated, and we are here to stay.

Rent from real businesses with a real and proven commitment to service and maintaining pleased and consistent customers. AV Connections, Inc has both a real warehouse and a real soul and we’ll be there for you.

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AV Connections’ SC event technology AV rentals

SC event technology AV rental SC event technology AV rental


The conference season in the southeast is in full swing and our AV Connections’ SC event technology AV rental group is pleased to be tending to conferences and meetings throughout NC, SC, FL, and GA. Some of our most recent audiovisual jobs for our regular and returning customers include event technology at conference centers in Orlando, FL and Perry, GA. In many cases it is far more cost effective for our customers to continue to choose AV Connections to travel with them than contract with the convention centers or hotels for AV. Consequently, we spend a great deal of time traveling in the United States to provide great conference technology year after year.

Our SC event technology AV rentals group has also been keeping busy with meetings and conferences in our hometown, Charleston, SC which is a popular conference location. We are blessed with incredible hotels, weather, and geography in Charleston, and we are a major US conference destination as a result. AV Connections provides SC event technology AV rentals to clients in hotels, conference centers, convention centers, and meeting spaces throughout Charleston and the Low Country.

If your conference is making a first visit to Charleston, be sure you contact AV Connections to work together on a great presentation and affordable price to provide your SC event technology AV rentals. We welcome calls; our phone number is (843) 573-1174. You are also welcome to email us or send us your RFP to We look forward to building a great partnership with your business.

SC event technology AV rental  SC event technology AV rental

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SC Conference AV rentals by AV Connections Charleston: We travel!

SC conference AV rentals SC conference AV rentals SC conference AV rentals SC conference AV rentals


When you begin planning for you conference or meeting, our SC conference AV rentals are the best resource you have for maintaining your budget and making extraordinary impact in presenting to your attendees. AV Connections has thirty years of experience in SC Conference AV rentals and providing excellent technicians and service. We handle events of every size; from ten-person meetings in restaurants over dinner, to tens of thousands in national convention centers across the United States. We travel with many of our clients year after year to destinations from New York to San Diego and even to hotels in the Caribbean. All you need to do is ask what we can provide for your national conference and we will present options, plans, and estimates for affordable conference technology solutions. Let us partner with you to create sales meeting and convention presentations which hold attention and create excitement.

Choose a SC conference AV rentals supplier like AV Connections when you need our vast inventory and an inexhaustible “can do” technical group. We are aware you may have some equipment of your own or some comfort with audiovisual technology and may only need us to augment your capabilities. Or, conversely, you may wish to take a hands-off approach to focus on other details at your conference or convention. We are prepared with a full staff of AV technicians with unlimited resources to provide you with the most professional AV services you’ve encountered.

Our goal is to create lasting relationships through perfect performance and by going the extra mile for our customers and clients. Each and every AV rental or job is an opportunity for us to do something extraordinary with the modern AV technology inventory we meticulously maintain.

We look forward to partnering with you for SC conference AV rentals and creating a relationship upon which you can rely for constant excellence and receptiveness. Call AV Connections, our phone number is 843-573-1174 and we will devel

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Charleston AV setup for the 2015 Citadel Republican Society Dinner

Charleston AV setup

We thought we would bring you a look into our Charleston AV setup for a very special gala dinner event. And we’ll spoil the surprise now: this post involves a might cast of characters! None other than Donald Trump, Rick Santorum, and Tim Scott among so many notable others. What?  You ask?

Yes. We had some very weighty Republican personalities on our Charleston AV setup this month. We were pleased to be the AV and lighting vendor for the 2015 Citadel Republican Society Dinner Above you have our large fast fold projection screen rentals set up for Rick Santorum’s address. The same was the case for Donald Trump. Political opinions aside – like good bartenders, we never get mired down in political opinions – it was a glittering evening of lovely people assembled to make a difference for youth. The Citadel Republican Society scholarships make a huge difference to many lives as evidenced by the opening video for this dinner. You can see it here.

Finally Donald Trump was honored and not only was it easy to be star struck, this whole event was noted and captured on the national news by Good Morning America. We are so happy to see this. We just love great public relations attention on the work of the Citadel Society and are so pleased thte star power of the guests, recipients, and attendees garnered national attention. Well deserved.

Charleston AV setup by AV Connections Charleston AV setup

Some of the Charleston AV rental equipment we provided for this banquet was:

7’x12′ HD fast fold projection screens

Sanyo LCD projectors

JBL powered speakers

Shure wireless microphones

Yamaha mixers

Sony HD Camcorders

LCD flat screen monitors


As well as our event lighting rentals for the stage set up:

Leko/ Source 4 lighting fixtures

Light dimming rental package

Par 38 lighting fixture


And the equipment for staging the speakers:

Pipe and drape backdrop set ups


It was a pleasure to be the Charleston AV setup and lighting provider for this gala dinner event. We look forward to 2016.


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One of our favorite conference venues: AV rentals at Charleston Harbor Resort

AV rentals Charleston harbor resort

We cannot say enough good things about the conference space or the team here, we frequently provide AV rentals at Charleston Harbor Resort. We are grateful to work with a team as professional, organized, and polished as Charleston Harbor Resort’s. And we admit the view from this incredible conference venue is incredible to start and end our day of AV and lighting work. It is a great client call to get every time.

Charleston Harbor Resort is a popular conference destination on Charleston SC’s harbor. The benefits of holding a conference here are endless; Tons of parking, first class service, modern and upscale conference rooms with plenty of space for break out rooms, and a great catering team to feed the attendees well. The Charleston Harbor Resort enjoys launch service across the water to downtown Charleston, a world-class golf course at Patriots Point directly behind it, and a resort pool which command a view of all of Charleston and lower Cooper River Basin. Rooms facing the water will give conference attendees an memorable stay in Charleston.

Whether you are bringing a handful of meeting attendees or planning a conference for hundreds in Charleston, we recommend you review Charleston Harbor Resort. The teams there will hold a flawless seamless conference or meeting for you. And we will be there with your AV rentals at Charleston Harbor Resort.

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