Event lighting rentals for Magnolia Plantation by AV Connections, Charleston

lighting rentals for magnolia plantation  lighting rentals for magnolia plantation

We have the amazingly talented team at Cruz Coordination, event and wedding planners, to thank for these stunning photographs of our recent lighting rentals for Magnolia Plantation. This wedding was an eye-catching beauty for our fall season. Cruz assembled a A-team of vendors for this wedding and reception and we were pleased to work among some of our favorites: Cru Catering of Charleston, Eventworks, Ashley Bakery, and Squeeze Onsite Bar Services. We are lucky to see most of these remarkable professionals at events and weddings several times a month; having partners of this caliber together to roll out a major event effectively and efficiently is one of the great blessings of getting married in Charleston. The second is that there is a non-stop feed of creativity between the professionals involved in the wedding industry here. Being comfortable together and understanding one another’s work styles keeps things moving and the stress away from the happy couples.


lighting rentals for magnolia plantation  lighting rentals for magnolia plantation


Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is one of Charleston’s oldest and most picturesque wedding venues, offering Lowcountry views and the waterline along side some of the most magnificent gardens in the nation. Tucked away north of the city in quiet pastoral scenery, Magnolia maintains one of the original land grant areas remaining in Charleston. In both a nod to history and new beginnings, a rush of new creativity is juxtaposed alongside the marshy beauty of the old place, making a perfect location for lighting rentals for Magnolia Plantation.

We are always pleased to be called upon to create a new glow for the jewel in the crown of South Carolina’s plantations.

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New national press on our event lighting rentals in Charleston

wedding lighting rental charleston sc

(Photo by the extraordinary Marni Pictures of Charleston, SC.)

It has truly been another season of wedding creativity and excellence in event lighting rentals in Charleston from AV Connections’ lighting design team. We are still entranced by Marni Pictures dreamy photo above. Although we work together with the planners and couples through the meetings, until the final product is presented, the real effect can never be well enough explained or sketched. It is clear from this photo, Jared Luckhart’s team is experienced int he creation of fairy tale vistas and never-before-imagined lighting touches.

wedding lighting rentals Charleston

(Marni Pictures of Charleston.)

Continuing in AV Connections’ thirty-plus years of audiovisual and lighting excellence, we challenged ourselves to keep the Fall, 2015 weddings fresh and new. There is always some new way to present it, a new fixture no one has seen, an un-tried fairy tale still left to build. And so it was, with Cibi Events, a Charleston wedding planner of great taste and fearlessness, that we imagined the lighting you see in this piece in Borrowed & Blue. As you know, Jared has managed to hang enormous crystal chandeliers from the clear night sky, it was no surprise these weddings would be as blessed with his creative genius and tireless patience for things that seem impossible.

And then, before we could even turn around, the incredibly talented Richard Bell Photography was at bat with a spread including our lighting of a Magnolia Plantation wedding. Aren’t they beautiful? Yes, the couple is very handsome, too!

wedding lighting rentals Charleston

(Photo by the extraordinary Richard Bell Photography of Charleston.)

We’re not finished! Then Jenna and Matt’s picturesque wedding planned by that amazing Katie at Burlap Elephant’s fete at Lowndes Grove made the pages of The Wedding Row! And Anthony and Anna with Cibi Events on the night we turned historic Hibernian Hall into a hot pink dream was in Wedding Row too, see it here.

We’re blushing! Blushing while we’re moving, of course, because no one has a moment to sit down, wedding season in Charleston is fully upon us. Are you planning a wedding? we are always here to help with Charleston’s most fantastic array of wedding lighting rental options at your disposal. Let AV Connections make your wedding a new fairy tale.

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Great wedding lighting rental feedback for AV Connections

Posted on July 20, 2015

wedding lighting rental

Part of AV Connections, Inc.’s commitment to company excellence is that we routinely ask for feedback regaarding our recent work for our clients. This process has kept AV Connections’ business sharp, aware, and growing in the right ways for our customers for thirty years. It reassures our clients that their experience with our service is critical to us and that we will be there event after the event. And we’ve found that taking a moment after the job is finished gives the client a chance to regroup with both their work and ours.

We had a new client for wedding lighting rentals in Charleston, SC last week, Cibi Events. the wedding she asked AV Connections to provide lighting for was a lighting-driven event; turning Charleston, SC’s venerable Hibernian Hall into a night club. We are pleased to share the feedback for this audiovisual job with you now:

“What more can I say? You and your team did an awesome job.
I must admit, I was a little nervous about this one; all new vendors and a unique design concept but, we pulled it off. Anna and Anthony ( and all of their guests) said it was the best party of their life. I knew I was going out on a limb with the design but it is more than Anna and Anthony could have dreamed of.
Thanks again to you and what you do. I’ll be sure to send pictures Cheers,

Cibi Events
Planning & Design

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Lighting a night club wedding in Charleston, SC

Posted on July 15, 2015

Lighting a night club weddingLighting a night club wedding


This was such an exciting project,Lighting a night club wedding in one of Charleston, SC’s premiere historic venues. This was a new event planning client for a us, a great group called CiBi Events, and she had a very special request. We spared nothing to turn the already-incredible Hibernian Hall into an unforgettable night club. Only for a few hours, old Hibernian looked like any swank club in New York or Miami, it was fabulous.

This is a look into our set up for this event and soon we will share the lighting photos from the wedding itself.

Every nook and turn of Hibernian’s Greek Revival details both indoors and outside on the facade were captured in the uplighting. The stantions set up above the ballroom were huge to provide all of the spotlighting and colors required to make it perfect. Jared and his team placed and tested every light for direction. The set up, in all too six hours and five people. It was no small wedding lighting job, we were pleased to be handed this challenge. It went off without a hitch and we cannot wait to bring you the pictures from this remarkable night.



Lighting a night club weddingLighting a night club wedding

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AV Connections’ charity event audiovisual for Swing for a Cure, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Posted on July 11, 2015

charity event AV rentals SC

AV Connections was pleased to be the charity event audiovisual sponsor for last night’s Travis Branch Swing for a Cure Tournament Kick Off Party in Mt. Pleasant, SC. The Kick Off party begins the golf tournament weekend for the charity and is a great way to get the players and their families involved and excited. We were pleased to be on hand with an audiovisual system to get the evening rolling.

Swing for a Cure was founded in memory of Travis Branch and Eric Crawford. This charity raises funds for the Comprehensive Sarcoma Program at the Hollings Cancer Center at Medical University of South Carolina, funding the research needed to save lives. The golf tournament and kick off party are yearly events held in Mt. Pleasant, SC. This year, the Saturday golf tournament which follows the kick off event you see here will be played at Patriots Point Links.

Our community is grateful for the ongoing work of charities like these, and especially of MUSC which serves our local community. We were pleased to help with this Kick Off party and we look forward to many happy years of fundraising alongside Swing for a Cure.



charity event AV rentals SC

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Charleston AV setup for the 2015 Citadel Republican Society Dinner

Charleston AV setup

We thought we would bring you a look into our Charleston AV setup for a very special gala dinner event. And we’ll spoil the surprise now: this post involves a might cast of characters! None other than Donald Trump, Rick Santorum, and Tim Scott among so many notable others. What?  You ask?

Yes. We had some very weighty Republican personalities on our Charleston AV setup this month. We were pleased to be the AV and lighting vendor for the 2015 Citadel Republican Society Dinner Above you have our large fast fold projection screen rentals set up for Rick Santorum’s address. The same was the case for Donald Trump. Political opinions aside – like good bartenders, we never get mired down in political opinions – it was a glittering evening of lovely people assembled to make a difference for youth. The Citadel Republican Society scholarships make a huge difference to many lives as evidenced by the opening video for this dinner. You can see it here.

Finally Donald Trump was honored and not only was it easy to be star struck, this whole event was noted and captured on the national news by Good Morning America. We are so happy to see this. We just love great public relations attention on the work of the Citadel Society and are so pleased thte star power of the guests, recipients, and attendees garnered national attention. Well deserved.

Charleston AV setup by AV Connections Charleston AV setup

Some of the Charleston AV rental equipment we provided for this banquet was:

7’x12′ HD fast fold projection screens

Sanyo LCD projectors

JBL powered speakers

Shure wireless microphones

Yamaha mixers

Sony HD Camcorders

LCD flat screen monitors


As well as our event lighting rentals for the stage set up:

Leko/ Source 4 lighting fixtures

Light dimming rental package

Par 38 lighting fixture


And the equipment for staging the speakers:

Pipe and drape backdrop set ups


It was a pleasure to be the Charleston AV setup and lighting provider for this gala dinner event. We look forward to 2016.


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End of the evening: Tearing down AV and lighting rentals in Charleston SC

AV and lighting rentals in Charleston SC AV and lighting rentals in Charleston SC


One questions we are frequently asked by new clients on AV and lighting rentals in Charleston SC is when and how we break down the rentals after a conference, gala dinner, or wedding. The answer is carefully and under cloak of darkness, usually. AV and lighting rentals in Charleston SC require an around the clock presence – we get in early we get out late. There is no other way.

When it comes to conferences, often we are dealing with hotels whose house is open all night anyway, but the idea is to get the equipment broken down and out immediately. There is usually set up for something else following close behind so efficiency and organization are the name of the game on AV and lighting work.

Occasionally, brides and grooms and wedding planners can get together regarding their back-to-back events at some of Charleston’s most popular venues and the lighting will stay overnight to be set for more than one wedding. But this is infrequent, wedding planners pride themselves on designing something individual for each client. With the pressure for each wedding to be published, it is less like to make it into the pages of a magazine if all the weddings being submitted have similar details. And so, while it may be ideal to set up lighting once on Friday morning for the weekend, it is more likely that the AV and lighting rentals in Charleston SC breakdown happens Friday after one wedding, starts again on Saturday morning – and, because Charleston is the number one city in the US for destination weddings, it is likely we will be setting up AV and lighting rentals again on Sunday morning. These days, it is  not uncommon to also be putting up wedding lighting on Mondays too.

Our clients don’t want to worry about how the lights get there or how they get down, so it is a little night magic that goes on at our job sites. We take it down with precision even in pitch darkness. And it is all gone and swept away like Brigadoon before morning. Here is a little photo insight into thwat breaking down a job at midnight looks like in our beautiful Charleston, SC.





AV and lighting rentals in Charleston SC


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Wedding lighting for Ocean Course Kiawah by AV Connections of Charleston

Wedding lighting for Ocean Course Kiawah

You’re planning a destination wedding and you don’t know where to begin with wedding lighting for Ocean Course Kiawah. Rest easy, AV Connections has many years of wedding lighting experience at all the Kiawah Island event locations including both clubhouses: Ocean Course and Turtle Point at Kiawah, as well as Mingo Point, Kiawah Island Club and all manner of private residences on Kiawah.

AV Connections work with both Kiawah’s on-site event planners and individual wedding planners and brides and grooms to create a wedding lighting design singular to your wedding. We understand that no wedding should look like any other, and we are committed to beginning from scratch to create an incredible party atmosphere for each wedding. Kiawah offers endless venue options and each needs to be treated as the spectacular destination wedding gem that it is. You went to a great deal of trouble to select your venue, we want to show it off with the most incredible and affordable wedding lighting available.

If you are wondering where to look for the closest wedding vendors to Kiawah, generally, Kiawah can provide most of what you need right on the island. Although wedding lighting rentals, florals, and photographers come from Charleston which is eighteen miles east of Kiawah and an easy commute. For that reason, Charleston’s wedding vendors have become the most experienced in providing great wedding work on Kiawah.

Wedding lighting for Ocean Course Kiawah is best achieved through outdoor and indoor or porch design schemes considered individually. Whether  you have a tent or not, we can highlight the wedding area with carefully considered blub strands and chandeliers which seeming come from nowhere. Wedding lighting for Ocean Course Kiawah should be as studding as your venue and AV Connections strives to show off that beautiful green grassy water frontage and wide porch. AV Connection will make your wedding lighting for Ocean Course Kiawah both extraordinary and budget-sensitive.

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Specialty wedding lighting rentals at High Wire Distillery, Charleston for a beautiful event

Specialty wedding lighting rentals  Charleston SC by AV Connections Specialty wedding lighting rentals  Charleston SC by AV Connections

Not something we do everyday, specialty wedding lighting rentals in a distillery but we loved designing this lighting and it was an incredible, and truly memorable wedding! We were excited to get this call because AV Connections Charleston event lighting group is always floored for a new challenge. We love the creative thinking of holding a reception in a distillery. And we are especially partial to High Wire Distilling as we were their event lighting company who lit their grand opening – we know and love their space well.

While Charleston has more than its far share of extraordinary wedding venues (and for that reason continues to be the number one destination wedding city in the nation), there are still some untapped wedding venues couples planning a wedding in Charleston would do well to consider. The great benefit of a wedding in a location like this, besides the obvious proximity to distilled spirits, is that it is a wedding site like none other your guests have even seen.

For this wedding, the bride and groom choose specialty wedding lighting rentals of strands of cafe bulbs to line the ceiling of the space and give it a warm sparkle once night set in.

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Charleston Company Holiday Party AV by AV Connections

Charleston Company Holiday Party AV by AV Connections

It’s that time of year when our Charleston company holiday party AV and rentals booking begin to fill. We encourage all party planners and Charleston Christmas and company party hosts and hostesses to get their orders and special requests in early. It promises to be a busier holiday season than ever before. So many great firms have relocated to Charleston in the past year and so we expect significantly more bookings this season.

Charleston Company Holiday Party AV by AV Connections


Our Charleston weather is particularly kind the winter usually and so many outdoor celebrations are planned for Charleston company holiday party AV rentals. Cafe bulb lighting strands to outline or overhead light patios or terraces is a great idea. AV Connections maintains Charleston’s largest inventory of party lighting rentals. Our lighting designers are happy to design a spectacular and festive lighting design for your home or party location. Let us be your first call for great prices and talented lighting design. Every lighting design is crafted to order to suit each space and budget.

Charleston Company Holiday Party AV by AV ConnectionsCharleston Company Holiday Party AV by AV Connections


AV Connections’ goal is to deliver an elegant and memorable atmosphere. We want to create the perfect holiday celebration or thank-you for your clients or employees. We look forward to being your Charleston company holiday party AV and lighting vendor for years to come. We will earn your business with every job.



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