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Example Streams (Live Replay)

video production stock AV Connections assists our clients in providing the highest quality production for your event - whether it's business, entertainment, through our live web-streaming services. Our experienced, creative staff will bring together studio-quality video and audio with powerful web streaming technology to provide a beautiful live broadcast of any event - from conferences, to concerts, meetings, fundraisers, debates...whatever you want to share with a broader online audience. We have you covered.

Essential Services include:

  • 3 wireless lavalier or handheld microphones for presenters, podiums and audience Q&A
  • Professional videographer / technician
  • Streaming equipment (laptop, encoders, etc.)
  • Raw footage of the livestream recording

Additional Services include:

  • Live Audio Package - when you need sound reinforcement, our professional speakers and microphones are the perfect option. 
  • Additional videographers and cameras for increased production value and coverage